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If you find an interesting Russian lady then you can start off by writing her a letter though most sites also allow you to use other communication forms including sending them a wink or a postcard or even some other way to break the ice. Russian women take extra special care of themselves which is why they always look like fashion models. The reason for this is that single Russian women and also other Russian women like to take great pains to be attractive to men.
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There are various other hotels which can cater to your needs such as Hotel Ajanta New Delhi, Hotel Southern New Delhi, etc. You can always plan your trip at websites like Travel guru Delhi, Clean trip Delhi or Make my trip Delhi.  Some very obvious ways to win over a Russian lady is to treat her like a lady, show respect to her at all times, never tell rude or offensive jokes to a lady you have only just started chatting to, and most important do not start to talk about sex, this is the biggest turn off for a Russian women, she will immediately think you are interested in her for sex alone.
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